Phillip Secrist

12688211_1273965182618313_1779439094903011058_nPlease read Phillips Story. Perhaps you can help in some way.
Perhaps you are the answer to all the prayers!
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Wow! first off I need to say thank you to all of you that are working so hard to help us! The blessings are flowing in. I have spent the entire week on the phone and online calling emailing and reaching out to all these numbers and links. Here is the information I have taken care and what I am still waiting on.

We do have WV medicaid for Phillip and He has qualified for disability, this means we will able to get Medicare for him but the individual has to be disabled for 2yrs before they qualify for medicare. – Phillip cant wait 2 yrs, he needs the rehab now!

Several of you have mentioned Shepherds Rehab in Atlanta GA…. Yes I called there too. Same answer. They will not except him from home, they only want patients out of inpatient/accute care facilities. ( unless some one knows some one he wont get in there)

I have recieved literaly hundred of messages and I am busy busy trying to use all the links, names, and numbers that have been shared with me. and I am still opening these messages up, so if i havent responded to yours yet I promise Im getting to it and I do really appreciate the research and info that is being sent my way. God is using you to help me!!!

I have applied for the TBI Waiver and thats underway. that will do me no good to get him into therapy though. It is for me to hire someone to come into my home and sit with/ help with Phillip. Which will be wonderful and a blessing. but we still need intense rehab!!

Here is what I have found out from the places I have contacted. Cost for Inpatient stay just for the bed Is an of $5,500 -$6,000 a day not including the medical and therapy end of it. This is the cost of specialized care and treatment for Brain Injured patients. So paying out of pocket will not be possible. So this is only going to happen if we go through a charity bed and recieve and abnorally extra amount of time there.

I did make some calls for info on Phillips Medicaid and the Health South facilities in WV do accept medicaid but they only take a managed care plan (which I am switching to and will be effective the first of April) but I was told today by the Morgantown location that this only applys to patients under 21. So unless I find a way to get around that . Health South is out.

Yesterday and today I have found a couple other options. University of Michigan has taken Phillips referral and some people with connections up there are trying to make an axception for Phillip. Also the Brooks rehab who I had already spoken with once contacted some friends through fb and sent me the director of admissions number. I spoke with him today and he is willing to try his hardest to make this happen for Phillip. He said If they were to axcept Phillip that they generaly only keep the Brain Patients for 15 days. Obviously Phillip needs more than just 15 days, but its inpatient, so it may just be the key we need to move on to another facility. Pray with me that maybe these will work out. God knows exactly what Hes doing and where we will end up.
Of course There are other places that I am trying as well, so Please keep sharing and sending our story out. God is using it and it is working. The help Is for Phillip but the glory is for God. Its all the work of the Lords hand! Thank you all for your continued prayers and concern!!