Flushing Begins As Water Comes Back On

After nearly four days not being able to use or consume water, the first zones began the flushing process Monday as Charleston and a nine-county area started to get back to normal. Outlying areas are still being tested, but others - starting with hospitals in West Virginia American Water's Zone 1 - were able to flush systems. A virtual map has been added to the West Virginia American Water website to show customers which ones have been given the go to flush their systems. On the website, if your address is in a blue section, you can start flushing. If your area is still in a red section, it is not time to flush. When you are in a blue area, turn on the hot for 15 minutes, then turn it off. Next, you will turn on the cold water for five minutes, then turn it off. Then you would be able to turn on your outside taps for five minutes. Further directions will be listed on the Governor's and West Virginia American Water's websites. You can also find out more at www.wsaz.com.