Lester could be linked to another homicide

Is there more to the story of Shawn Lester? Last week, Lester received the maximum prison sentence for his role in the sniper style killings in 2003. Lester pleaded guilty in late July to second-degree murder in the death of Jeanie Patton, but charges were dropped related to the deaths of Gary Carrier Jr., and Okey Meadows Jr. as part of a plea agreement. The Gazette reports a source close to the investigation says Lester is also a suspect in a Kentucky homicide. 33-year old Timothy Wayne Sigman was friends with Lester and lived with him around the time of the 2003 killings. His remains were found under the front porch of a home in Willard, KY. Police wonder whether Sigman had knowledge of the sniper killings. The investigation continues.