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McKinley Won't Run for Governor

Take Congressman David McKinley off the the list of potential contenders for West Virginia’s next governor. McKinley announced Monday he’s staying put in Congress and won’t enter the GOP gubernatorial primary in 2016. McKinley says he's been ovverun with requests to run for Governor but believes he can make a bigger difference — and do more to help the coal industry — in Washington than from the Governor’s Mansion in Charleston.

Regulators Need More Info on Appalachian Power Closures

The state PSC orders Appalachian Power to turn over more information regarding its closure of three coal-fired power plants over the weekend, including the potential costs of converting the plants to natural gas or other alternative fuels. The company also asked to avoid doing anything that would prevent the plants from reopening in the future during its inquiry.

Purple Heart Returned After Four Decades

A stolen Purple Heart belonging to the late Waldo R. Williamson has been returned to his sister after having been missing for over 40 years. The Charleston Gazette says Williamson was awarded the medal after he died on a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Indian Ocean during World War II. Wright says the medal was stolen from their home in Lincoln County in 1972 and then Sally Jarrett of Charleston recently discovered the medal in a box of items she bought at an auction. After her story appeared in the Gazette-Mail on May 24, Wright was able to track down Jarrett, who mailed her the Purple Heart last week.

Jail System Has New Leader

The interim chief of the state's regional jail agency has gotten the job permanently. The West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority's board promoted David Farmer to executive director after he had served as interim director following the resignation of Joe DeLong. Before becoming interim director, Farmer served as deputy chief of operations for the authority and director of its training academy.

Hurricane Voters Continue School Levy

Voters in Hurricane said yes to continuing a levy that's been around for 60 years. WCHS TV reports more than 2,000 people turned out to the poll Saturday, and 83 percent voted to keep the levy that raises more than $17 million annually to support schools. The yes vote continues the levy for another 5 years.

Three Coal Fired Power Plants are Idled

Sunday was the last day of operation at three of the states coal fired power plants. The Kanawha River Power Station at Glasgow, Kammer Power Station at Moundsville, and Phillip Sporn Power Station in New Haven outdated. Workers at the three facilities have retired or been reassigned to other jobs in the company. Appalachian Power said the older facilities couldn’t meet new emission standards from the Environmental Protection Agency.

WV American Water Urges Conservation During Repairs

West Virginia American Water notice this week to its customers to restrict water usage while the company made repairs to a 36-inch water main. But they decided to reschedule the repairs for next week and customers don't have to conserve water this week. When repairs do resume, West Virginia American Water says customers will be asked to voluntarily limit non-essential water use during a 24-hour period to alleviate demand on the system. As of now, the repairs are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week.

New Section of Highway Opens

The newest section of highway in the state runs from Bismarck to the Tucker County Line. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox were part of a ceremony top open the new Corridor H highway on Thursday. The new section is more than 4 miles long.

Yeager Airport to Buy Homes Impacted by Landslide

Yeager Airport plans to buy and demolish seven homes damaged by flooding caused by a landslide in March. Yeager executive director Rick Atkinson says six homeowner claims have been settled and a seventh is expected to be finalized.

Woman to Be Sentenced After Magic Island Murder

A Kanawha County woman will spend five years in a state correctional facility after prosecutors say she disposed of evidence and lied to police investigating a slaying last year on Magic Island. The Charleston Daily Mail says 22-year-old Erica Lynn Cogar was one of three people charged in the death of 51-year-old Martin Snodgrass. Snodgrass' body was found after he went to pick up aluminum cans last July. 20-year-old Anthony Harriman pleaded guilty earlier this month to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 40 years. A third suspect, 27-year-old John Michael Thurmond, pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder and will be sentenced June 8. All three were homeless and had a loose association with each other by staying together near the Kanawha River.

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