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Baby Bald Eagles Are Learning To Fly Now in West Virginia

Southern West Virginia is seeing an abundance of eagles. The Charleston Gazette reports that birders and naturalists have confirmed the presence of five new bald eagle nests in Summers and Greenbrier counties. The nests include three newly hatched eaglets. Some of the nests were spotted during an annual spring nesting survey conducted by volunteer birders and boaters. About 30 nesting pairs of bald eagles are known to exist throughout West Virginia. They can be found primarily in the Potomac River headwaters region, the eastern mountains and along the Ohio River. The newborn southern West Virginia eagles are getting out of their nests and learning to fly.

State Police Watch For Distracted Drivers

Maybe you've been driving on Interstate 64 recently and you've seen the car ahead of you sweve and correct to get back between the lines...that's exactly the kind of thing that State Police are watching for as they crack down on distracted driving. If the swerve was related to texting and driving, that driver can get a ticket as West Virginia teams up with police in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to try to put a stop to distracted driving. It's illegal in West Virginia to use your cell phone, unless you have a hands free device.

Three Killed in Crash

Three people were killed in a head-on collision Thursday morning just outside of Chapmanville. 27 year old Eddie Mullins was driving northbound on Route 10 when he crossed over into oncoming traffic according to sheriff's deputies. His car struck a southbound truck. Mullins died in the crash, along with his passengers, 38 year old Michael Johnson and 39 year old Terry Fowler.

Leader Re-Elected to Board of Health Post

At last night's meeting of the Charleston Board of Health, Brenda Isaac was re-elected to the leadership post. Members also heard a report from Dr. Rahul Gupta about his report to staff members of the Senate Health Committee in Washington, DC about the prescription drug problem in the country. Board members also got an update at last night's meeting on the visit to Charleston by the Chemical Safety Board to discuss the January chemical leak into the Elks River .

Spike Reported in Daytime Home Break-ins.

There's been a big spike in daytime home break-ins this summer in Gallia County. Sheriff Joe Browning says there have literally been dozens and dozens reported, most of them during the day when people are at work. The Sheriff says they have their eyes on a couple of suspects. He says it's always a big help when neighbors keep watch for each other and call police to report any unusual vehicles or people.

Sobriety Checkpoint Planned

A sobriety checkpoint is going to be conducted this Saturday from 9 pm to 2 am on Route 817 near Saint Albans. It will be conducted by the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Governor's Highway Safety Program. The Sheriff's office says Kanawha County has a zero tolerance policy for impaired driving.

Two Zip Codes to Change City Name

Following a survey by the US Postal Service, some addresses listed as Charleston will be changed to South Charleston. Mayor Frank Mullen says the zip codes in which the city name will be changed are 25303 and 25309.

Robber Beat Man With Bat

Police are looking for the robber who beat a Clay County man with a baseball bat outside of a restaurant early Thursday. 71 year old William Vineyard was attacked as he left the Jessie Sez restaurant in Maysel. The robber got away with about 10-thousand-dollars from the restaurant's poker machines,ATM and cash register. Police believe that the robber had cased the restaurant and was waiting for them to close and come outside with the money. The owner of the restaurant is offering a one-thousand-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

Holes and Corrosion Led to MCHM Spill

Holes in a tank's floor and roof likely helped cause the Freedom Industries chmeical spill in January, according to federal investigators. The Chemical Safety Board also found that the leaky Freedom Industries tank wasn't the only shoddy one. Another Freedom tank that held the same spilled chemical had a similar hole in its floor. The board detailed three crude MCHM tanks with pitting, holes or other damage. The Chemical Safety Board says corrosion from water pooling inside the leaky tank likely caused the holes. The substances traveled through soil, gravel and water systems under the Freedom site before hitting the Elk River.

Two Suspects Sought After a Man Is Attacked With a Sword

State police are looking for two suspects after a man says he was tied up and attacked with a sword. It happened along Campbell's Creek Drive in eastern Kanawha County, and the man told WCHS TV he though he was going to be killed. He says the suspects tied him up with extension cords, and assaulted with a three to four foot sword. After about 45 minutes he was able to escape and run through the woods. The suspects were known to him, and he identified them as Ronald Coleman and Patricia Dilo and state police have warrants out for their arrest.

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