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New sign posted in accident-prone spot

You may notice a new flashing warning sign alerting drivers of a sharp curve, after a series of semi-truck accidents on a stretch of the West Virginia Turnpike. The Parkways Authority decided to add the new sign between the Sharon and Paint Creek exits. A dozen accidents have happened ther over the past month. New pavement has been added too, so there is better grip between the tires and the road.

Mine workers have yet to endorse Presidential Candidate

The United Mine Workers of America has not endorsed a presidential candidate, and it's not clear when the union will give either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama its backing. This is the first time in 40 years the miners' union has not endorsed a candidate. On Friday, the union announced it's backing Democrats in U.S. House and Senate races in 16 states. On its website, the union says neither Obama nor Romney "has yet demonstrated that he will be on the side of UMWA members and their families as president. The UMWA backed Obama in the 2008 election.

Two former Charleston residents on trial in Kentucky

A trial continues this week in Kentucky for two former Charleston residents. 44-year old Charles "Steve" Lee was indicted by a grand jury on a murder charge eight months after he said he found his wife dead in their home. 40-year old Leslie "Crickett" Lanham Lee lived with Charles Lee in Kentucky for several years after leaving West Virginia, but had only been married to him for about a year. Leslie was stabbed to death in March 2011, and questions about where Charles Lee was at the time of the murder are getting the focus at the trial. It started last week and continues today.

Tips welcome regarding Clendenin robbery

Police are still investigating the robbery of a video gaming parlor in Clendenin. It happened last Wednesday at The Hot Spot on Elk River Road, and police now are looking to the public for help in solving the case. Clendenin Police have said this type of crime is out of character for Clendenin - a bold robbery in broad daylight at a busy intersection - and any witnesses who might have been in the area at the time are encouraged to come forward. Police are keeping details of thier investigation confidential, but they are looking over sureveillance video, and would like anyone with potential tips to come forward.

Century continues to mulll PSC ruling

The Public Service Commission ruled Thursday that Century Aluminum can have its special requested electricity rate, but any risk that the company won't pay enough for its power would have to be assumed by the company, not other Appalachian Power customers. Century is reviewing the order from the PSC now, and then they'll issue a comprehensive statement about what that means for the company, and more specifically how that impacts the reopening of the Ravenswood plant. Century's Ravenswood plant closed in 2009.

Three arrested for Beckley death

Three people are facing charges in the death of a 32-year-old Beckley man. Shawn Dewayne Rucker was found lying in front of a home on 6th Street in Beckley September 26th with nine gunshot wounds, in what police determined was a home invasion. Alfred "Les" Pittman, Cornealius "Ty" Taylor and Dewayne Lane were seen in the area before and after the shooting, according to witnesses. Taylor and Pittman were arrested Thursday night. Lane turned himself in to Bluefield Police on Friday. All have been arraigned, and await further court dates.

Parts of Putnam County ordered to boil water

Some in Putnam County are under a boil water advisory because of a water main break. Because of the break on Lone Oak Road, West Virginia Water issued a precautionary boil water advisory in the Red House and Putnam Union areas of Putnam County. That means customers should boil their water a full minute before drinking, cooking, bathing, showering and brushing teeth until further notice.

South Charleston chemical production site gets cleaned up

The FMC Corporation hydrogen peroxide plant in South Charleston hasn't been an active producer for eight years, but it did remain open as a distribution site until 2008. Now the decision has been made to tear it down. The FMC environmental manager says that asbestos removal is finished, and the next step is to take all of the plant's equipment out. Once the plant is torn down which should be finished by sometime around May of 2013, FMC will clean up the 40-acre site, and that could take the better part of a year. FMC plans to sell the property after the cleanup is finished.

Military race underway

A wilderness challenge is happening across West Virginia through Saturday for about 300 members of the military. The military members are taking part in a mountain run, a mountain bike race, a forced hike through the mountains, a whitewater raft race. This serves as a qualifying race for the United States Adventure Racing Association's National Championships.

Man arrested for Beckley murder

Few details have been released, but we do know a man was arrested last night in Charleston after being linked to a Beckley murder. Police say Alfred Pittman was arrested at Women's and Children's Hospital Thursday night as a homicide suspect in Beckley.

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