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Second Arrest Made in Cross Lanes Robbery

A second arrest has been made after an investigation into a theft at a gas station in Cross Lanes. The Kanawha County Sheriff's office says Tyler Williams was arrested Wednesday and charged with breaking and entering after stealing four bank bags from the Go-Mart in Cross Lanes. Gay Washington is also facing charges in the case.

FBI Investigates Serial Robber

Investigators are working to determine whether a Putnam County bank robber is a serial bank robber. He's been dubbed the I-55 Bandit, described as a man in his early twenties, about 6' 3" tall with blonde hair. The FBI thinks he may have robbed other banks in the St. Louis area on I-55, and also the Huntington Bank on Great Teays Boulevard in Teays Valley on July 30th. There could be as many as ten bank robberies or attempted robberies in states including West Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Maryland, and Tennessee. Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Former UC Basketball Player Enters Plea

Former University of Charleston basketball player, Terrell Lipkins, has pleaded guilty to robbery and credit card theft. Lipkins is one of four men accused in a violent attack and robbery of Andrew Rude and Patrick Morrison in April. Sentencing is set for October 30th.

Lincoln County School Board Faces Tax Penalty

The Lincoln County school board could face heft tax penalties because of deficiencies in the county's tax assessments. Assessor Josh Brumfield told the Charleston Gazette that the county's previous administration didn't comply with a 2007 state law which requires counties to bring their tax assessments up to 90 percent of properties' market value. The law includes penalties against county school boards if assessors don't meet the 90 percent target. Brumfield said Lincoln County's assessments are at an average of about 51 percent of market value. That may mean a tax penalty of more than $875,000.

Adjustments Coming After Water Bill Errors

If your water bill was incorrect recently, you are not alone. About 49,000 West Virginia American Water customers' monthly bills have been adjusted to correct billing errors. The company says the errors happened with the transition to a new billing software system back in May. Adjustments are coming on the next bill. About a thousand customers will see a new charge, because a surcharge paid to local governments was inadvertently left off.

A Second Arrest in Car Vandalism Case

Daivd Williams was arrested Monday after weekend vandalism of cars in South Charleston, and now there has been another arrest. Police said Jocelyn Melin is charged with misdemeanor destruction of property, and they think she slashed at least a couple of the tires in a string of vandalism to 33 vehicles. The vandalism stretched from Kentucky Street to Ohio Street near Thomas Memorial Hospital. Williams has also been connected to car vandalism that occurred last week.

Charleston Man Faces Felony Charge After Stabbing

A Charleston man ended up at the South Central Regional Jail after being charged with malicious wounding. Charleston police say 75-year old Thomas Lewis and 55-year old Richard Brannon were drinking together at a home on Red Oak Street on Charleston's West Side Sunday, when Lewis allegedly made a disparaging remark about Brannon's family. Brannon allegedly then stabbed Lewis and hit him over the head with the base of the knife. Lewis was taken to CAMC General Hospital. Brannon is facing a charge of felony malicious wounding.

PAC in Mingo County Cleared of Wrongdoing

A Mingo County political action committee has been cleared of wrongdoing. An attorney for the Secretary of State's office says the PAC may have accepted improper contributions, but no state law was violated. The money may have been improperly donated, but that doesn't make it illegal for the PAC to receive it, according to the attorney. The Daily Mail reports the state is in the process of appointing a special prosecutor for the case.

Kanawha County School Board to Decide School Start Dates Soon

Students this year headed back to class earlier than ever. The August 9th start date was the earliest start date in Kanawha County history, and it was done so students will finish the semester before the holiday break in December. Some wonder whether the Kanawha County school board will continue the early starts, or perhaps even move to a year-round schedule, but the Daily Mail reports the year round schedule is not in the plans. Also, a committee has been appointed to weigh options for the school calendar, and setting one will be on the agenda at a meeting later this month. The school board is expected to decide between a traditional late August start date and another early August one like this year.

Arrest Made After Vandalism to Cars Over the Weekend

South Charleston police have a man in custody that they think vandalized several vehicles over the weekend. David Williams was arrested Monday for slashing the tires of 33 vehicles from Kentucky Street to Ohio Street near Thomas Memorial Hospital, according to police. There are reports that Williams was on drugs at the time. He faces a felony destruction of property charge and also faces up to 10 years in prison, if convicted.

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