A Magic Frog

Mr bear and mr rabbit were walking through the forest when they came to a magic frog....
the frog said ' Because you have awoken me i will grant you both 3 wishes each'
Mr Bear smiled and jumped to his first wish...he said

'I wish all the bears in this forest apart from me were female'

Woosh and the wish came true, now it was Mr rabbits turn.

'I wish i had a brand new motorbike helmet'

Woosh a helmet appeared in his hands, now Mr bear again

'hmmm...i wish all the bears in the neighboring forests were female too'

so the wish came true, back again to Mr rabbit

'I wish for a motorcycle'

and the motorcycle appeared infront of him...mr bear moaned that mr rabbit was wasting valuable wishes but carried on with his final wish anyway.
'I wish every other bear in the entire WORLD was female'

so the frog granted the wish. Mr bear smiled and turnt to mr rabbit for his final wish. Mr rabbit put on his helmet and climbed onto the motorcyle turning on the engine.
The frog said 'Well mr rabbit, your final wish'

Mr rabbit turnt and said 'I wish mr bear was gay!'
and drove off into the forest as quick as he could.