6 Again

A man was sitting on the edge of the bed watching his wife observe herself in the mirror. The husband asked his wife what do u want for your birthday and his wife says I would like to be 6 again. So the next morning the husband woke up early made his wife a bowl of lucky charms, then took her to a museum, then took her to 6 flags then to mc donalds there he order a kidsmeal, a meduim order of fries, and a large chocolate shake, then he took her to the movies, popcorn, candy, and pop then he wobbled home with his wife and she collasped into bed and leaned over his wife and excitedly asked so how did it feel to be 6 again. She slowly opened her eyes and her expression changed she said I meant my dress size u moroan. The mortal of the story is even when a man is listening he is going to get it wrong.