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HAMLIN - A video of a Lincoln County fire department kitten rescue has gone viral on the Internet. The video, posted to YouTube by Brandon Davis of the West Hamlin Volunteer Fire Department, has been viewed almost a million times, as of press time for this issue.

According to comments posted online by Davis, a small kitten had fallen and was trapped in a small pipe at the fire station. The firemen came up with an innovative approach to rescue the forlorn feline. They used a leaf blower to blow the kitten out of the pipe from the other side of the building. Davis noted in his posting that the kitten was not harmed in the making of the video.

The noise of the leaf blower can be heard in the video and, once applied to the other side of the pipe off camera, the kitten shoots out of the pipe and is immediately picked up. As of late last week, the video had attracted around 3,000 comments on YouTube.

As is often the case in the unfiltered world of random Internet commentary, a number of negative remarks were posted, including the suggestion that the firemen had deliberately put the kitten into the pipe, or were cruel in the way the kitten was handled. Such claims were swiftly countered by those who took part in the rescue. The majority of the commentary was posted in praise of the firemen for their swift thinking and novel rescue.

The kitten was subsequently adopted by one of the VFD members and is said to be doing fine.

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