Cielita Lindo Mexican Restaurant Lunch time trivia

Sea -Ah – Leate Toe – Lin – Doe

Cielita Lindo Mexican Restaurant – $25 gift certificate.  Mexican restaurant located in St Albans that serves up Mom’s fresh, homemade cooking.

-local Mexican restaurant that serves up Mom’s fresh, homemade cooking

-specials daily

-live music every Thursday from 5pm-8pm

Every restaurant has their touch. Every restaurant has their traditional way. This restaurant has  mom who cooks for you — that’s their touch. You’re are going to get what Mom cooks, what Grandma cooked. They follow mom’s cooking.  If you want something traditional, you’re going to have to get Mom or Grandma to fix it. … Every restaurant has their way to fix things. This restaurant has Mom’s way.”

LUNCH TIME TRIVIA - Cielita Lindo Mexican Restaurant -Mexican restaurant