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All (2/23/15)

He stood over my desk, a broken man but still holding together.

Live Your Life (2/20/15)

Many people live as if it’s a guarantee that they’ll still be breathing well into their 80’s and 90’s.

Change (2/19/15)

The alarm clock goes off. Snooze. Alarm again. Snooze. Alarm again. Off. Shower goes on. Wash body, shampoo. Shower off. Brush teeth, hair, dress.


You Are Everything (2/18/15)

This popped up on Facebook in the middle of the snow storm the other day...

I want you to think about your parents for a moment

Believe (2/17/15)

There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had

hoped they would be.

The Snooze Button (2/16/15)

What if life had a snooze button?

It does.
It is labeled procrastination.

Each Day Is A New Day (2/13/15)

It was very early in the day but I was a little miffed.

The feeling was left over from yesterday. You've had those 

Cut It Down (2/12/15)

In his book LEE: THE LAST YEARS, author Charles Flood reports that after the American Civil War, Confederate General Robert E.

Things That Matter (2/11/15)

During Mark’s first month of college, the professor gave his

students a pop quiz. He was a conscientious student and had

A Clean Mind (2/10/15)

There is no difficulty you cannot overcome. A wise and philosophical man once said to me, when asked how he overcame his difficulties, “How do I get though trouble?

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