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Listen for my bell....

Just up the road from my home is a field, with two horses in it.

Regina Brett's Life Lessons

To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me.

It is the most-requested column I've ever written. My odometer rolls over to 50 this week, so here's an update:

Take Down The Bird Feeder

I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with

You Might Be A Redneck....

You might be a redneck if: It never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, 'One nation, under God.'

I Like Being Old

I would never trade my amazing friends, my wonderful life, or my loving family for less grey hair or a flatter belly. As I've aged, I've become kinder to myself, and less critical of myself.

One Flaw In Women

By the time the Lord made woman, he was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this one?"

Invite Love In

A woman living in downtown Ontario, Canada came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard.

She did not recognize them.

Judge Not

I was shocked, confused, bewildered

As I entered Heaven's door,

Not by the beauty of it all,

Nor the lights or its decor.

But it was the folks in Heaven


Their marriage was good, their dreams focused. Their best friends lived barely a wave away.

Wait For The Brick

A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar.

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