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Labor Day 2014 (9/1/14)

The end of labor is to gain leisure.

- Aristotle

Life is Bad (8/29/14)

Wonder if any of you ever had the feeling that life is bad, real bad… and you wish you were in another situation?

The Rainbow Bridge (8/28/14)

Ed Roberts and his Wife Michelle and family lost their dog Abby last night...and this is for them this morning and anyone who knows the heartache of losing a pet.


The Train (8/27/14)

;Life is like a journey on a train, with its  stations, with  changes of routes, and  their accidents!

The Pregnant Deer (8/26/14)

In a forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth.
She finds a remote grass field near a strong-flowing river.

This seems a safe place.

Enough (8/25/14)

Talent does not mean that you have to be an artist who paintsmasterpieces, or a gymnast who does flips. Talent resides


What are you looking for? (8/22/14)

Have you noticed that we will tend to see what we look for and miss most of the rest? I once observed a class instructor hold up a large sheet of white paper.

7 Rules of Life (8/21/14)

7 Rules of Life
1) Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.
2) What others think of you is none of your business.

Sooner (8/20/14)

A father was telling his little girl what his own childhood was like. He said, "We used to skate outside on a frozen pond for hours and hours until way after dark.

Livin' In The Past (8/19/14)

Another year has passed

And we're all a little older.
Last summer felt hotter
And winter seems much colder. 

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