Your Life (4/29/14)

The unemployment rate is up so there are more people out of work now.  And if you are working, you’re probably doing the work of at least three people.  You’re so busy making a living that you don’t have time to make a life, at least not beyond work.

          But you have to work, right?  So you have to figure out which half of your life to give to work, and which half to keep to make a life.
          Maybe you’re like the fellow who was hauled into a Mexican court for contributing to an accident.  The judge asked him, “You saw the other car coming toward you…why didn’t you give him half the road?”
“I was going to,” the fellow said, “as soon as I figured out which half he wanted.”
          Today stop trying to squeeze a size 12 life into a size 7 day.  Figure out which half of your life belongs to work and which half to making a life.
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