Why are we so busy? (530/14)

I’m trying to figure out something again today. Maybe you can help me. I’m trying to understand why everyone is so busy.
When my grandfather was a child, he had to split wood to put in the stove, light the fire, and get it hot enough so his mother could fix breakfast. He had to go outside and lower a bucket in a well that was dug by hand and bring water inside the house. He had to take a pail and a stool to the barn to get milk. He had to catch a chicken, kill and clean it so his mom could fix Sunday dinner.
Today you and I flip a knob and the oven preheats. We turn a valve and more water than we can drink pours out. You open the refrigerator and there’s a gallon of milk you bought at the grocery store. You stop by KFC or Kroger on the way home from work and you’re eating fried chicken.
So if life today requires so much less work, why are you so busy all the time? What are you doing with your time?
Today, take time to sit down with your family and talk. Call an old friend. Write a letter to your high school English teacher. Take time to live positive today -

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