Who is your Someone? (4/17/14)

Can you imagine Fred Astaire without Ginger Rogers?  She made him look so good, doing everything he did only backwards and in high heels.

          Can you imagine the Lone Ranger without Tonto?  We never would have known that the Masked Man was none other than the “faithful friend” of law and justice, Kemosabe, without Tonto telling us, would we?
          Can you imagine Bert without Ernie?  Well, I’m sure there were days Bert could imagine life without Ernie, but you know, even when Bert complained about how Ernie acted, Bert really missed him and was always happy to see him return.
          Can you imagine Batman without Robin?  That Caped Crusader who vigilantly protected Gotham City at the bequest of Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara would have found himself in the evil clutches of the Joker, Penguin, or Riddler on many occasions were it not for young Robin.
          I guess we all need someone, don’t we?  Someone to help us out in times of trouble, to keep us accountable for what we do, to work with us. Someone to love. Who is your someone?
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