What you value most (4/9/14)

Recently I was straightening up my office. You know how it is, your things get moved around as you work so you put them back where you can find them. Well, I noticed that there were some things that I really like that I had put up on top of a bookshelf. A wood carving from a listener friend of mine. A piece of beautiful pottery. Some nick nacks from old friends. They were up high where I don’t look that often. So I moved them down on of my desk to see them more often.

Next, I noticed that I had moved most of my family’s pictures. There were fine where they were, but they had been there for a while and they had become familiar to that space. So I moved them out on my desk, facing me, where I can enjoy them more.
Life can be a lot like your office. Some of the things you say you value may be in a place you don’t look very often so you don’t think about them or see them. 
Or, some of the relationships you say are vital may be so familiar you stop treasuring them. So this week, move your life around to better reflect your priorities