Time Is Running Out (6/9/10)

Un-communicated feelings mean squat! People don't know how you feel until you tell them. Seven years ago my best friend died of cancer. Randy was 41, was successful, competent, always positive and lived life to the fullest.

There was on thing missing in his life. In 41 years his father never told him that he was proud of him, loved him and believed in him. That was the only thing Randy ever wanted from his father and in 41 years did not get the chnace to hear it. At Randy's funeral I am convinced if his father could have waved a magic wand and had a wish granted it would have been to tell his son how special and loved he was. Randy's father will never get that chance because it is too late for him. He has to live the rest of his life with that regret.

It may not be too late for you.

Is there someone in your life, anyone, that would love to hear or needs to hear special words
of love, encouragement or support from you? Is there someone that deserves to hear the words and not have to "just know" how you feel?

Life speeds by and leaves many un-said words in its wake. The ground is littered with dead
intentions of words not spoken. Again, people don't know how you feel until you tell them how you feel.

I miss Randy very much, but every time I saw him while he was fighting for his life, I hugged him and told him I loved him. He's gone now, but when I think of him, I can do it with a smile and not a tear of regret or remorse.

How about you?

I'll bet there is someone you can call, visit or write to that once done, would make their day as well as yours and possibly contribute to long term peace in your life as well as theirs.

Don't wait. Do it now. There is still time for you.

Time passes, all too quickly for all of us my friend.

Blink and your best friend is gone. Hesitate and your parents are gone. Pause and your spouse, children and sibling are gone. Negative? Depressing? Sad?

Painful thoughts, yes, but theses are nothing compared to the lifelong regrets that you will suffer with words left unspoken.

Don't wait until it is too late. I am sure there is someone you need to call today to tell them how special they are and that you love them.

Don't wait another minute. Time is running out.