The Team (4/22/14)

NASCAR racing is so popular now.  Hundreds of thousands of fans crowd into luxury boxes and “chicken bone” seats just to watch their favorite drivers go as fast as they can around oval tracks like Daytona.  The drivers are the real celebrities here, making millions of dollars.

          But while all of this high profile, big money activity is going on, down in the pits is a team of guys who aren’t asked to endorse anything.  In fact, they’ll never get their faces on anybody’s box of cereal.  But without this team of guys working together to change tires, fill gas tanks, make track bar adjustments, and clean windshields, the driver has to quit.
          It’s the same with us just like it is with the driver.  There is a team of people helping our lives go around daily.  Just think for a moment about all the people who helped you today—family members, coworkers, retail clerks, bank tellers, law enforcement officers, rescue personnel, and the list goes on.  So today, let’s give thanks for all the teams of people—wherever they are—who keep us going.
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