The Day After Valentines Day for Single Men

You're going to have your heart broken, probably, more than once. Whether you were in love or lust - it doesn't really matter and don't waste your time trying to figure it out. The pain may last a bit longer if it was love, but the pain will die down either way. For you see, that person had to hurt you in order for the right one to heal the wound someday.

Enjoy your present single life. Rejoice in the fact that you are living for yourself and only yourself. Realize it was good while it lasted, but it's over now…and then move on. Yes, I know, easier said then done but done is what it is. Don't secretly hope for a reunion with this girl someday, for hope like that puts a force field around you that cannot be penetrated by the woman of your dreams.

Find peace in this: The woman of your dreams is coming your way.

It may be months or years before she finally reaches you, or she may even be waiting outside right now. Just be patient and don't look too hard for her. Enjoy yourself and know that she will arrive when you least expect her.