The Day After Christmas (12/26/12)

'Twas the day after Christmas

 and all through the room

Strewn wrappings were crying

 for use of a broom.

The children were scattered

 the friends' gifts exploring

Since now most of theirs

 were broken or boring.

All tummies still stuffed

 from the fabulous feast;

Leftovers would serve

 for one month at least.

And mama and papa

 were the countryside ranging,

Those unwanted gifts

 returned or exchanging.

Yes Christmas is past

 with its bustle and noise—

Sales and carols

 Santas and toys.

Decorations are packed

the yule tree's discarded

The holiday's over

 just as we got started

To celebrate peace

 and the meaning of giving

To discover real love

and the purpose for living.

Dear Jesus please help us

 to stop and remember

That you came to earth

 not just for December.

But from birth in a manger

 to death on a cross

You gave up your glory

 and counted it loss.

So now as we trust You—

God’s only Son—

The real celebration

 has only begun!