A Rumpled Fender

Gayle’s new boss, Fran Woods Sr., was a corporate bankruptcy attorney. He had amassed enormous wealth by negotiating for equity positions in corporations he was able to pull of out of bankruptcy. One of his expensive cars had been hit by another driver in a minor accident, shortly before Gayle had the outstanding luck to be hired as Mr. Wood’s chauffeur. The car had been sent out for repair. When it came back, Mr. Wood’s called Gayle over to examine the car with him. “See here? This is where I was hit by this guy," said Woods. “The repair looks pretty good. But see this area over here? That area was damaged too, but not by the driver. The dent was my fault. I backed into a fence. But the great thing is, when I sent it in for repair, I told the shop to repair the whole thing. So now the driver who hit me had to pay for repairing everything. Pretty smart, eh?” Gayle didn’t say anything. But his new boss pressed. “Smart of me to do that, wasn’t it?” The idea of losing his new dream job loomed as he answered, “No Sir. I don’t think that’s right.” His boss quickly turned his back on Gayle and walked away. Gayle stood there, staring at his feet, thinking about how he’d just lost a great job, and how he would probably have to drop out of school for a lack of money. But Mr. Woods came back in a few minutes and put his arm around Gayle’s shoulder. “You can work for me any time kid,” he said, and sauntered off. The question had been a character test for the new chauffer. Gayle had passed.