Right Every Time (11/21/13)

Do you sometimes expect yourself to get it right every time?

Does your expectation keep you from taking a risk sometimes?  From trying something new that you’ve never done before because you’re afraid you won’t get it right?
I suppose we’re all like that at least a little bit.  Well, the next time you find yourself paralyzed and can’t try something new, I want you to think about this:   Everyone misses the mark at some time.
Need proof?  Okay, do you remember Kevin Costner’s movie, Waterworld?  Probably not.  Or if you do, you remember it as a flop.  What about Tom Hanks in Joe and the Volcano?  Even Wilson is glad to have missed that trip.  And as beautiful as Jennifer Aniston is and as wonderful as she was in Bruce Almighty, did you see her in The Office Space?  If not, please don’t.
Even highly successful people swing and miss.  But they keep on swinging and celebrate the times they hit the bullseye.