People -vs- Technology (6/5/14)

A friend and I were talking recently. He was referring me to someone who was planning an event and thought I’d be a great help in the entertainment department for the event. He mentioned this person’s name and I asked if he had her phone number. His response was priceless:

“I used to know her phone number, but now I can only tell you that it’s number 2 in my speed dial.”
Is that life today or what?
“If you don’t use it, you lose it” may be truer today than ever before. Just think about all of the “stuff” programmed into some machine somewhere that you used to know. Or, “stuff” you have to remember instead of people. Have you ever called someone, knew you wanted to remember their extension number to punch into the voice mail system, and then forgot who you were calling until they answered because you were so fixed on remembering the extension?
Today, focus on what’s really important—your people touch instead of technology. See how you do
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