A Mother's Grace

A Mother's insight is as treasured
As the beauty of a rose
Though, her love cannot be measured -
Her compassion freely flows
She can mend her children's sorrow
In her sweet and selfless way
While she looks toward each tomorrow
At the end of every day.

A Mother's tender voice, as soothing
As a slow, steady cascade
Flowing swiftly and then smoothing
Any storm that life has made
So her children, should they stumble
Shall be free to rise, once more
As they grow to become humble
For the blessings at their door.

A Mother's heart shall live forever
In her children's lovely smiles
Her elegance shall leave them, never -
They have made her life, worthwhile
Though her love cannot be measured

A Mother's grace shall always be
A priceless gift, precious and treasured
Heaven sent for you and me.

© 2008 – Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection