Mothers Are Special

Mothers are special; Mothers are kind
Mothers grant hope when faith is hard to find
Every Mom knows how to honor and praise
With a spark that lingers in the soul, always
Each Mother will nurture; each Mother will give
Her all to her children, each day she will live
She will be their mentor and trusted advisor
Because, as their Mother, no one could be wiser.

Mothers are precious; their beauty is rare
Parted from her children, Mom's presence is there
No distance is too great for Mom's gentle touch
To reach her children's hearts, when life becomes much
Each Mother will rescue; each Mother will rear
She will offer hugs and sometimes, wipe a tear
She is there to listen; she'll always be bold
Her support and feedback will never grow old.

Mothers are filled with charisma and grace
Mothers accept there is a time and place
For every battle that may well ensue
No task is too great; Mom will always pull through
The heart of a Mother makes the world go 'round
Her wisdom keeps her children's feet on the ground
So, they will grow stronger and love one another
Even better than they are loved by their Mother.

© 2008 – Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection