I'm Excited (12/23/13)

C'mon, you can’t tell me you’re surprised that this has happened, right?

It was bound to occur.
You can’t take a Bible-thumpin’, Jesus-loving, Christian man, throw him into mainstream USA and expect something not to happen.  As most of you are aware by now, Phil Robertson–the patriarch of America’s most popular family show–has been axed. And for what? Well, for honestly answering a question he was prompted to respond to. Others didn’t like it (hey–I didn’t particulary care for the coarseness of some of the words that were used either), the network came under fire–and  the Duck Dynasty star has been suspended indefinitely.
But I’m not really all that upset. I’m not in an uproar. My blood’s not boiling over the ridiculousness of this situation either. In fact, I’m actually kind of excited.
Yes–you heard me right.
I’m anxious to see what takes place from here–what will happen next. I can’t wait to see them rally around one another, stand firm in their family and their faith…and be bold for Jesus. Furthermore, I’m excited for the next season–when I’ll be able to tune in and view my favorite show on a new (and hopefully more supportive) network.
But even if that doesn’t happen, and this is in fact the end of Duck Dynasty as we know it, it’s really just the beginning.
Hear me out:
You see, Phil, Si, Jase, Willie, Jep ( Alan too), and their families won’t go away. We won’t let them. Not after what they’ve done. Not after bringing the love of Jesus through our television sets each week. These six men have made camo cool, hunting en vogue, beards tres chic, and following God? Popular. Because of them, television as we know it (well as of late that is), has changed, and we the viewers–the nation—want more.
As for the family…they don’t need A & E. They don’t need a television show, the Wal-Mart displays, nor the book deals. They have all they need right there with each other and with their God above…and they know it. They don’t need us. However, we need them.
And it’s because of that that we won’t let Duck Dynasty be silenced. We love who they are and what they stand for too much…and we want their Christian voices heard.
Don’t fret. Don’t worry. Don’t start slamming those that have taken these measures. Instead, let’s just sit back and watch it all play out. Let’s see God get to work.
It’s just the beginning, friends…and I’m excited.
Posted by Jenny Sulpizio