Honesty is the Best Policy

A butcher, who had had a particularly good day, proudly flipped his last chicken on a scale and weighed it. "That will be $6.35," he told the customer.

"That's a good price, but it really is a little too small for me," said the woman. "Don't you have anything larger?"

Hesitating, but thinking fast, the clerk returned the chicken to the refrigerator, paused a moment, then took it out again, and said to her, "Take this one, it is a bit bigger than the previous one. This will cost you $6.65."

The woman paused for a moment, then made her decision... "You know what," she said, "I wish to buy both of them."

It is always the right thing to be honest and ethical. But for those perpetually challenged, you should also know that being dishonest always comes back to "bite you".