Encouraging Word (2/25/14)

A young Polish boy wanted to play piano, but his teacher told him that his fingers were too stubby and that he would never play well. The boy was advised to try the cornet, but was later told by an expert musician that he did not have the lip to ever be good. Discouraging words.
Then one day he met the great pianist Anton Rubinstein. The famous musician gave this young boy the first bit of musical encouragement he ever received. “Young man,” Rubinstein said, “you might be able to play the piano. In fact, I think you can…if you will practice seven hours a day.”
Seven hours a day might sound daunting. But that was all the boost this boy needed. The great Rubinstein had told him he could do it. He might have to dedicate most of his time to practice, but he could do it. He could be good. After all, Anton Rubinstein said so.
He did practice for many hours every day and his hard work was rewarded. Years later, Jan Paderewski became one of the most famous pianists of his time. An encouraging word carried with it enough power to ignite a young boy’s eager spirit, and the resulting fire of passion burned brightly in the musician’s heart for decades.
Your encouraging word, given today, may forever change a receptive life. I wonder who needs to hear it.