Clean It Up (3/12/14)

One of our dogs had an accident on our bedroom carpeting.  I discovered it unfortunately when the stain had set.
          So I went to the grocery store and rented a carpet cleaner.  I thought that since I had it, I might as well clean the entire room.
          You wouldn’t believe what came out of our carpet!  I mean, it looked clean on the surface.  Sure, it had a few stains here and there, but overall I thought it looked pretty good…until I emptied the dirty water bucket.  It was really dirty!
          As you reflect back, last year might look pretty clean.  You might be thinking that you can just keep on doing life the way you did last year.
          But odds are last year was more like my carpeting than you imagine.  That there’s something beneath the surface of your habits that needs cleaning.
          Do you have any negative thoughts that keep coming up at work or at home?  What about a personal habit that keeps you from succeeding? 
Clean up your act and make a positive life, not just a living.
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